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A Study Of Certain Aspects Of The Achievement Of Coral Way Elementary Pupils In... Richardson, Mabel Wilson 1964-05-14
Biographies of participants in the 1966 International Visitor Program of the... 1966
Calendar of Meetings 1963-1964 Unknown ca. 1963
Coral Way Bilingual K-8 Center International Spanish Academies Seminar Dr. Pablo Ortiz 2005-11-06-2005-11-09
Coral Way Curriculum Workshop 1963-06-17-1963-07-26
Coral Way Elementary: a bilingual school Loveland, Connie, L 1966-12-09
Coral Way: a Bilingual School J. L. Logan 1963-1967
Correspondence from J. L. Logan to W. W. Matthews Logan, J. Lee 1964-02-14
Correspondence to Coral Way Elementary School Various 1964-1967
Daily schedules for grades 1-6 (1964-1967) J. L. Logan 1964 - 1967
Daily schedules for students, teachers and aides J. L. Logan 1963-1966
Excerpts from Minutes of the Board of Public Instruction of Dade County March 6... Board of Public Instruction of Dade County 1963-03-06
Faculty Bilingual School Coral Way Elementary School, 1964-1965 1964-1965
Grade One - Schedule Time distribution for each language group J. L. Logan 1964-1967
Letter to All Parents of First & Second Grade Pupils at Coral Way... Logan, J. Lee 1963-04-14
Memorandum to Lois Taylor, Director of Elementary Education Central District... Logan, J. Lee 1964-05-18
Plan For Development of Introduction - 1965-1966 Bell, Paul W. ca. 1964
Progress Report on Ford Foundation Projects Rojas, Pauline M., Robinett, Ralph F. 1963-10-29
Progress report on the bilingual school Ralph F. Robinott 1963-05-16
Report of Bilingual Workshop - Coral Way Elementary School (1964-1965) Unknown ca. 1964
Sample schedules grades 1-3 J. L. Logan
Special program in bilingual education: grades 1, 2, 3 J. L. Logan 1963-04-14
Student requests for transfer from Coral Way to Silver Bluff Elementary School J. L. Logan 1965-07-19
Testing patterns for pupils in the bilingual school and for the control groups J. L Logan 1964-1967
The Bilingual School Sequence XIII - Primary Level Bell, Paul W. Undated
Time Distribution for Grades One, Two and Three Unknown Undated