Coral Way Bilingual Elementary School: Oral History Collection

This collection contains the audio files and transcripts of interviews with individuals associated with Coral Way Bilingual Elementary School. Interviews include former students, a former principal, the principal, the assistant principal and teachers working at Coral Way at the time of the interview, several group interviews, the parent of a former student, and a former Cuban Aid.

Until now no comprehensive written or oral history of this program has been produced. The hundred children who were members of the first class in 1963-4 are now in their early fifties. There is no record of any follow-up to see how these children and all those who attended the school from 1963 to 1968 (the year the first class graduated) felt about their participation in the program; what they think now of their experiences; and how the Coral Way program helped or hindered their development as a student and as an individual. There is also no record of any evaluation of the program as it has progressed through the past 40 years. This project has located graduates and teachers/administrators of the program’s initial years as well as staff working at Coral Way at the time of the interviews.

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