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Neve Correspondence of Bucareli to Hijosa, comisario del departamento de San Blas, for July - December 1777. 00-00-1776
Neve Correspondence of Hijosa to viceroy Bucareli for January - February 1777. 00-00-1775
Neve Bills of lading of goods transported by the Fragata Santiago to California ports. 02-24-1777
Neve Correspondence of Hijosa, comisario de San Blas, to viceroy Bucareli for February - March, 1777. 00-00-1776
Neveseo Correspondence from the comisario del departamento de San Blas, Hijosa, to viceroy Bucareli for July 1777. 03-16-1775
Neve Correspondence of Hijosa, comisario del departamento de San Blas, to viceroy Bucareli for August, 1777. 07-23-1775
Negreyros y Soria Documents concerning audit of accounts of haciendas owned by Fondo Piadoso during their administration by Sagarraga. 09-09-1800
Neros Correspondence, manifests, and documents regarding royal treasuries of Chihuahua and Arispe 1795-1804 12-31-1795
Neve Series of letters concerning five-year contract with Guisarnotegui to supply presidios of Nueva Viscaya and Santa Fe from 1788-1792. 01-01-1788
Neve Index of official records in file concerning situation of internal provinces 08-19-1787
Neve Proposals from guizarnotegui and other merchants to supply presidial soldiers and companias Volantes; series of letters praising... 05-14-1787
Neve Hold is called on Guizarnotegui's contract to supply presidial troops until certain requirements are fulfilled 09-26-1787
Neve Letters between Ugarte y Loyola, Mangino and Real Hacienda concerning positive economic aspects of contract with merchant Guizarnotegui to... 09-26-1787
Neve Index of documents re: Provincias Internas and Nayarit located in Chapultepec. 00-00-1771
Neve Documents dealing with provisioning of food, clothing, and arms for presidial troops. 09-01-1772
Neve Documents concerning naming of Ugarte as comandante general de las Provincias Internas; establishment of caja de quintos y azogues. 08-26-1780
Negreiros y Soria Series of letters concerning request made by Verger that free postage be granted to missionaries serving in California. 12-18-1773
Neve Letter from Neve to Osorio concerning aquisition of necessary articles. 08-24-1775
Neri del Castillo Problem of importation of mescal into California and the estanco de mescal in Tepic 05-29-1787
Negrete Capture of sailors, escape of deserter 00-00-1816
Negrete Report about governor Sola military readiness of California 01-01-1822
Negrete Questions about loyalty from governor of alta California 01-09-1822
Neve Indian raids and proposed solutions 03-03-1783
Neve Crespo report on history and current status of provincias 11-15-1783
Nezgaza Alegui Documents relating to formation of flying company in Coahuila and financial support for missions 03-01-1701
Neira y Quiroga Autos de guerra concerning Indian rebellion in southern Chihuahu 07-11-1691
Neve Correspondence from Ruiz de Huidobro re: shipping of supplies to California. 02-20-1778
Neve Correspondence with Ruiz de: shipping of supplies to San Diego, San Francisco and Monterrey. 02-28-1778
Neve Administrative correspondence between Ruiz and virrey for months of September and October. 09-19-1778
Neve Administrative correspondence between Ruiz and virrey for month of December. 12-19-1778
Neve Padre Francisco Antonio Barbastro to virrey Conde de Revilla Gigedo, informe concerning missions of Pimeria Alta. 12-01-1793
Neira U Quiroga The Suma Revolt and other Indian uprisings 1684-1685 00-00-1684
Neve Phelipe de Questioning of Pedro Jose and his band about crimes committed. 00-00-1787
Nevares Correspondence of governor Fayni and viceroy Bucareli with related testimony by Peralta 12-03-1774
Neve Administrative correspondence from gobernador Barri to Virrey. 02-16-1776
Neve Administrative documents of Juan Velazquez. 06-05-1784
Neve Documents concerning presidios, and illness of Munoz. 07-25-1770
Neyra Administration of renta de tabaco, polvora y naipes. 01-03-1777
Neira Apuntes sobre pagamentos de situados. 04-03-1777
Neve Transfer of funds. 11-29-1783
Neve Informe from Neve to viceroy concerning Indian depredations and status of royal treasuries 06-12-1784
Neve Communications regarding status of royal treasuries. 07-07-1783
Neve Communications regarding status of royal treasuries 10-10-1785
Nentuig Letters dealing with financial contributions to military campaigns. 00-00-1766
Neira Correspondence about status of weapons in Sinaloa . 03-05-1767
Neve Document about warring forces sent by Neve to combat Tarahumaras in Mapimi mountains. 08-20-1784
Neve Letter to viceroy requesting transfer or promotion due to seniority of miralles. 02-16-1786
Nepomuseno Sustaeva Disparate collection of letters, informes from Ugalde and unsigned others to Lacomba concerning activities and organization of tercera... 11-12-1783
Nepumozo Zafaeta Letters: from Lacomba: to Ugalde; concerning: a wide variety of issues affecting the tercera compania Volante. 10-01-1787
Neve Letters between Lacomba, Revilla Gigedo and others detailing Menchaca's trial for misconduct. 07-03-1788