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Person Last Name Document title Date
Ximenez Disparate collection of letters from Ugalde and unsigned others to Lacomba concerning activities and organization of tercera compania... 12-11-1784
Ximenes Diarios de novedades, estados de fuerza of the segunda and tercera companias Volantes del Nuevo Santander. 02-31-1791
Ximees Letters from Lacomba to Ugalde; concerning a variety of matters affecting the tercera compania Volante. 02-09-1789
Ximenez Re: court-material of Serna, teniente de primera compania Volante de Nuevo Santander. 11-29-1792
Ximenez Expositions from soldiers accompanying the padre conductor to missions of Texas. 12-07-1792
Ximenes Informe from Serna to Conde relating military operations. 03-15-1791
Ximenez Letter from Emparan to viceroy concerning charges leveled against Emparan by Castro. 05-24-1791
Ximenez Series of letters from Castro to virrey complaining about Emparan. 07-14-1791
Ximenez Series of letters relating to Emparan's replacement by acting governor Gutierrez de la Cueva. 08-27-1791
Ximenez Letters between Emparan and Castro concerning dispute over appointment of Ventura Moreno as teniente gobernador militar. 07-29-1791
Ximenes Letters between Revilla Gigedo, Gutierrez, Lopez de la Paliza, and others about punishment of Alvares, Ximenez, & Cano. 02-12-1793
Ximenez Letters between Emparan, Castro, Revilla Gigedo, others concerning Castro's dislike of Emparan; administrative bibliography. 10-19-1773
Xavierillo Correspondence between Ugalde, Croix, Galvez, and other government officials concerning destitution of Ugalde. 00-00-1578
Ximenez Index of correspondence from Nava, Garcia and Herera concerning Provincias Internas affairs. 01-31-1793
Ximenez Military review by San Maxent including diarios and varied procedural military documents for primera compania Volante. 07-31-1795
Ximenez Extracts from military review of tercera compania Volante de Nuevo Santander including pies de lista and diarios. 02-29-1796
Xavierillo Correspondence re: relations with Apaches and various naciones del norte. 12-09-1777
Ximenez de Ocon Collera de indios remitida por el gobernador del Nuevo Santander don Diego de Lasaga 01-01-1782
Xaquez Correspondence between various officials concerning commerce with Indians in Nuevo Mexico. 05-08-1753
Xavier de Uranga Correspondence re: expenses for maintenance of Apaches de paz. 07-09-1790
Xavier Various letters from gobernador, viceroy and other officers from Sinaloa and Sonora. 06-20-1769
Xijon Letters to and from Escorza, concerning fiscal arrangements of the presidios of the Chihuahua area. 01-24-1776
Xijon Letters to and from Escorza concerning fiscal arrangements for presidios around Chihuahua. 04-23-1776
Xijon Letters to and from Escorza concerning fiscal arrangements for presidios around Chihuahua. 09-23-1776
Xavier del Campo Letters to and from Escorza concerning fiscal arrangements for presidios around Chihuahua. 09-23-1776
Xijon Letters and accounts to and from Escorza, concerning fiscal management of the presidios around Chihuahua. 03-31-1777
Ximenez Perez Series of documents concerning military administration and finances. 12-18-1776
Ximenes Documents relating to various issues within prov. internas. 05-03-1703
Xaquez Correspondence between Ugarte y Loyola and virrey Florez re: peace with mescalero. 09-39-1787
Ximenez de Arenal Correspondence of comandante general Neve for 1784. 02-28-1781
Ximeno Informes de misiones de las pimerias alta y baja. 11-06-1772
Ximenez Letter to Francisco Crespo concerning visita of missions of Sonora. 10-29-1773
Xavier Correspondence of Urrea, Bucareli and others concerning administrative/military problems at altar 01-01-1769
Xazon Military personnel payrolls for presidio of Buenavista, from August to December. 12-22-1765
Ximenez Correspondence between viceroy and comandante general de Provincias Internas. 01-10-1790
Ximenez Canas Documents concerning subversive meeting of Nayarit Indians. 02-23-1729
Ximenes Documents relating to payment of synods to missionaries at Guajiquimi and Amatlan de Xora. 12-04-1769
Xijon Letter concerning appointment of Diego Gagiola by Tienda. 00-00-0000
Ximeno Correspondence re: granting of salary for criados employed on various expeditions. 07-23-1789
Xaquez Correspondence relating to amount owed to Tadeo de Rivera's estate by Menocal, discovered during review of fiscal affairs of compania... 11-16-1782
Ximenes de Velarca Letters to and from Aguero 12-08-1767
Xarillo Letters from Regalado, Russi, Xarillo, to virrey concerning Roldan's state of health. 10-11-1768
Xavier del Campo Letter from Rubi to virrey re: deplorable state of affiars in Nueva Vizcaya. 07-05-1766
Ximenez Correspondence between governor and virrey on various administrative issues. 1774 02-25-1774
Xijon Correspondence related to Cuellar's new expedition against Indians. 02-23-1769
Xaraba Legal documents from Echeverria to de la Mota y Portugal 06-27-1718
Ximenez Letters from Hezeta to de la Bodega y Quadra concerning el paquebot and el principe ships. 09-02-1779
Ximenez Offices concerning ship repairs, construction, and voyages; military promotions and fiscal affairs. 02-20-1780
Ximenez Letters concerning ship departures and arrivals. 04-29-1780
Ximenes Relaciones from military personnel to viceroy petitioning for gracia de invalido. 05-01-1778