Documents relating to transportation, expenses and plans to settle canary islanders in Texas.

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Documents relating to transportation, expenses and plans to settle canary islanders in Texas.
Curbelo, Juan
Leal, Juan
Guautitlan. September 6, 1730. 108p. Autos. Letters. Signed.
Documents relating to events in transporting families from canary islands to settle in Texas, lists of materials in clothing and all kinds of tools needed. Lists of supplies of foods, salary to be paid to guide, increase of daily maintenance for every person, census of families with physical description of every individual in expedition, proposals by church to marry every girl from 12 to 18 years of age and every Boy from 24 to 12 years of age. Appointment of priest to cure families, itinerary of trip. Also, lists of expenses incurred in transportation from Veracruz to San Antonio. Maps with planned areas in which such families could settle near San Antonio without conflicting with other settlers in area drawn by marquez de Aguayo in ff. 187. A plan to scale and drawing of proposed Villa to be established in ff. 201 and orderly issuing of lands to be given to families for planting. (A. Dell'acqua, January 1988)
Curvelo, Juan
Leal, Juan
Aguayo, San Miguel de (Marquez) (Gobernador)
Rivera, Pedro de (Visitador Militar)
Acuna, Juan de (Marquez de Casa Fuerte)(Virrey)
Santa Cruz, Bernave de (Fray)
Lara, Francisco Domingo de
Duval, Francisco (Comisario Conductor)
Villegas y Puentte, Manuel Angel de
Zarbinio, Pedro de
Cobarrubias, Francisco Manuel
Sevillano de Sasiar, Miguel (Fray)
Bustillo Zeballos, Juan (Gobernador)
Ecaimuzquis, Joseph de (Capitan)
Aguirre, Mathias de
Perez de Almazan, Juan Antonio (Capitan)
Berdejo, Andres
Leal Calleja, Juan
Alarcon y Ocana, Francisco
Avila, Juan de
Villegas, Manuel Angel
Rebolledo, Juan Olistan de (Auditor de Guerra)
Aguirre, Mathias de
Zervantes, Nicolas Carlos
Bustillo y Bustamante, Juan Antonio (Gobernador)
Canarias (Islas)
Veracruz (Puerto)
Nuevo Mexico
Texas (Provincia)
Saltillo (Villa)
Patos (Hacienda)
Tepozotlan (Villa)
Bejar, San Antonio del (Presidio)
Aguayo, San Antonio y San Joseph de (Mision)
Casa Fuerte, San Antonio de (Villa)
Habana (Puerto)
Medina (Rio)
Veracruz (Puerto)
San Juan Bautista del Rio Grande (Presidio)
Reyno de Leon (Provincia)
Guychiapa (Villa)
Potosi, San Luis de (Villa)
Paz, San Luis de (Villa)
Benado (Villa)
Saltillo (Villa)
Arroyo (Rio)
Ethnic Groups
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 236 ff. 161-214
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 236 ff. 161-214
Maps on ff. I87 and 201.
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